Dave Bellis – Senior Instructor

October 1, 2018

My background is Military having served 22 years in the Royal Electrical Mechanical Engineers, the later years as a Warrant Officer; I served in various Operational environments including tours in Kuwait, Iraq, Afghanistan, Bosnia, Kosovo and Northern Ireland.

I was first introduced to Martial Arts as Physical Training in the 1980s, including Boxing and Wrestling; I subsequently began Taekwondo and achieved a 1st Dan in Taekwondo in 2009.  I am currently studying for a 4th Dan qualification, Master Grade, scheduled for the early Spring of 2019.
I hold an ETU GOL licence and ETU Instructor Qualifications and in June I completed the British Taekwondo Level 2 award in Coaching Taekwondo.

My main responsibilities as a Senior Instructor at “Whiston Taekwondo” are the development of standards, values and technical acumen, both in the Sport and Traditional side of our Martial Art, in Novice and Intermediate students of varying age categories.

Away from TKD, I work as a Health and Safety Professional, teaching and lecturing across all industries on behalf of ARCO Professional Safety Services, where I attempt to keep people safe whilst working in Hazardous environments and atmospheres.