Laura Jane Bellis

October 1, 2018

I started Taekwondo as a 7 year old and I enjoyed practising Kyorugi, Poomsae and Gyeukpa.  I progressed through the Kup grades over the following two years.  I graded for 1st Poom in 2008 and did my 2nd Poom grading in 2009.

In 2012 I entered the GB Taekwondo development programme where I remained for 3 years as a Cadet and Junior.  During this period I fought at the Taekwondo Commonwealth games and various G1 and G2 competitions in Europe. I achieved 3rd Poom in 2014 and completed the 4th Dan syllabus in 2016.

I am a level 2 centre referee and I am hoping to complete level 1 in 2018, with the aim of becoming an IR (International Referee) in the long term.
I still enjoy all aspects of taekwondo training and i’m now able to bring my referee experience to the club, keeping the coaches and athletes up to date with any rule changes.

Outside of taekwondo I have just started a Psychology degree at Liverpool uni.