Lois Jennings

October 1, 2018

I have been doing taekwondo for about 6 years now, since I was 13 and still absolutely love it!

I first started in an ITF club, my dad works with Ed, and came home one day and said he had been talking to Ed and wanted to know if I would like to go to watch a taekwondo session and maybe join in.  We went along and joined in the class and from the first session I knew it was the sport for me and I would be doing  taekwondo for many years.  I just loved everything about it, everybody was so kind and made me feel so welcome I liked kicking and punching the pads the most.

After a few months of training Ed decided to open his own club, Whiston Taekwondo, and as Ed had introduced us to the sport my dad and I decided to follow and become the first 2 members of Whiston.

I managed to get myself onto the GTI squad through my performances at competitions, I competed a lot in ITF style taekwondo collecting a large number of medals and trophies.  In 2015 we travelled to Italy for the world championships where I managed to win gold in sparring and bronze in patterns.

In 2016 Whiston transferred from ITF to WTF taekwondo, I have continued to compete since transferring just at a higher level. I personally prefer WTF style, it is a completely different game and a lot more technical and WTF suits my style of fighting.

In 2017 my dad and I achieved our black belts, since then I have been corner judging at competitions.  I have also recently became part of the coaching staff here at Whiston Taekwondo, and I have been coaching the younger students in the club and at competitions.  I do plan to continue to coach the students and hopefully become an international coach and help students to become fitter and stronger fighters, just as Ed did with me!

Taekwondo has definitely helped me build self-control and become a lot more confident within myself, it has helped me give fitness instructions to groups of all different ages and abilities.  I believe it definitely has a lot more to offer me in years to come.